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F1 + Shenanigans

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Formula 1

A month or so ago as we were moving into our apartment punish15 suggested we go to the F1 at Albert Park this year. As I don’t really take much convincing to go on a trip I said I was in. When I was a teenager I followed F1 quite closely but after moving out of home the super late nights/early mornings turned me off following it, so before hand I had to do a bit of reading about the current regulations and even who were the current (lesser known) teams and drivers. After getting clued up I became pretty excited, I’d never been to an F1 race before.

By the time we arrived, I was definitely looking forward to seeing the race. This might usually be more of a Pokerblog site, but F1 is certainly another sport which you cannot fail to find exhilarating. We flew to Melbourne for the Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday we watched Practice 3 and Qualifying. Wow! The sound of F1 cars is the loudest thing I have ever heard, way louder than any metal concert even if you’re standing right next to the speaker. We were totally unprepared and had no earplugs so just had to grin and bear it for the first day. Red Bull (Vettel and Webber) Qualified 1st and 3rd and my team McLaren (Hamilton and Button) qualified 2nd and 4th, which was a great result for me and ensured an exciting race.

Race day was nice and sunny, we arrived to watch the parade lap and the pre-race entertainment. This time we were more prepared with earplugs and I also bought a little in-ear radio to hear all of the commentary. The race started off with Vettel shooting to the front and button dropping 9 places on the first corner. Button made a great comeback after also receiving a drive-through penalty to finish 6th, Vettel was too quick for Hamilton who came 2nd and a great drive from Petrov in the Renault to come 3rd.

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ZV & Dutchin’s First Aussie Rules Game

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Post-Whitsundays I made a quick stop-off in Brisbane to catch the Lions opening game of the season against the Dockers and hang out with skelm, dutchin’ and zachvac at their new house. This was zachvac’s first chance to see a game of Australian Rules Football since his been here and dutchin’s first time as well. Thankfully, the game was an absolute thriller, with the Lions unfortunately on the wrong side of the result. While bitterly disappointed at the narrow loss, I was glad that the game had lived up to the hype and the guys thoroughly enjoyed it.

There was plenty of scoring, big hits, great marks and a close result. We had front row seats with plenty of action playing out right in front of us. One of the best parts of the night was that they let fans onto the arena after it had finished. I remembered to bring my footy along so we got to have a kick on the field after the game and add to the great experience the guys had. I think I’ve managed to convert them into Lions fans and more importantly fans of the greatest game on earth in general!

It was a great way to end my time in Queensland and I’m already looking forward to our next LifeFish gathering!

Agent Orange Finals Time!

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Pictured: Cody ‘Chris Perries’ Ferries slaps the ball into the back net for a 7, something we hope to see a lot of in the finals!

It has easily been the most successful regular season I’ve had with my Indoor Cricket team Agent Orange. We finished up with 12 wins and 3 losses, well clear at the top of the table and with the right to a double chance in the play-offs. Anything can happen in finals though, as we have been reminded many times in the past with lackluster performance. Our finals form in recent season though has been excellent and we will go into the series brimming with confidence. Hopefully, in two weeks time I can bring you the news that the mighty Agent Orange has won another league title!

Aussie Millions Diary – Entry 3

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Melbourne is my hometown, so I didn’t really travel for this Life Fish gathering, but it was still as enjoyable as the other two trips we’ve been on! We spent two weeks living in an apartment across from Crown Casino during the Aussie Millions. It was a 3 bedroom apartment, with Pwnchizzle and I in one room, Newmanmi and Zachvac in another, LacieK in the 3rd and Skelm on the couch for the first week.

Along the way we met up with a few other grinders including GoMukYaSelf, FanasticCow, Secr23, Bigacsiga, wpr101, PlayinWitDreams, Deldar182, Nascar_1949 and UrNotInDanger2.

Being my home city I tried to take the Life Fish on a few excursions. We went to a day of the Australian Open tennis where we watched Ivan Ljubicic defeat some French guy I hadn’t heard of. Highlight of the day was LacieK losing 20 bets to Skelm after each randomly getting a player a change of ends and betting on the result of each point. Oh, and Newman meeting his avatar in real life!

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

I went to a barbecue at an ex-workmate’s house today and during a good old-fashioned game of backyard cricket, the demons of my slothfulness arose to torment me. You see, it’s been a while since I’ve hit the gym, I’ve thrown a few kilos on due to the excessive consumption of sugary and fatty foods combined with my ex-job being the only physical activity I’ve undertaken in the past couple of months. I did a bit of running around while I was fielding, and I found it increasingly difficult to catch my breath, even needing to sit down and take a break like a decrepit old man.
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Friday, October 29th, 2010

My Bets
$15,500 on A-League: Melbourne Victory v Adelaide – Adelaide @ $3.05 on BetFair
$15,500 on NBL: Perth vs Wollongong – Perth -8.5 @ $1.72 on BetFair
$15,500 on Tennis: Almagro v Chela – Chela @ $2.68 on BetFair
$15,500 on Tennis: Almagro v Chela – Chela 2-0 Sets @ $5.10 on BetFair
$15,500 on Tennis: Davydenko v Montanes – Montanes @ $3.25 on BetFair
$10,000 on PLin (AUS) 31st Oct – 17:20 R7 1350m Hcap – Rodeto @ $25 on BetFair
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Friday, October 22nd, 2010

My Bets
$21,400 on A-League: Adelaide vs Wellington – Adelaide @ $1.73 Pinnacle
$10,000 on Horse: Cox Plate R8 Mval – Shoot Out @ $13.5 BetFair
$21,400 on UFC: Lesnar vs Velasquez – Velasquez @ $2.42 BetFair
$25,000 on Tennis: Isner v Mannarino – Mannarino @ $3.15 BetFair
$25,000 on Tennis: Davydenko v Zverev – Zverev @ $2.88 BetFair
$25,000 on Tennis: Clijsters v Azarenka – Azarenka @ $2.72 BetFair

My Results


Dolphins +3 -110 $6,600 to win $6000

Bengals +3.5 -117 $4680 to win $4000

Browns +13 -106 $8480 to win $8000

Bills +13 -111 $8880 to win $8000

Chargers +3 +116 $6000 to win $6960

Missouri +3 -110 $8800 to win $8000

Illinois -7.5 +102 $8000 to win $8160

Minnesota +9.5 -105 $8400 to win $8000

Middle Tenn St -12 -105 $6300 to win $6000

Syracuse +7 +102 $6000 to win $6120

Agent Orange Update!

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

It’s been an eternity since I last blogged about the trials and tribulations of the might Agent Orange Sports Club. LifeFish readers will never have heard of them so I will provide a bit of background. We are an indoor sports club that formed in 2006. At first, we only had an Indoor Soccer side, but soon after we started an indoor cricket team too. I take my indoor cricket a lot more seriously than I do soccer (mostly because I never played soccer growing up and thus am not all that co-ordinated).

For those of you unfamiliar with indoor cricket or cricket itself, the indoor version plays a lot differently to the regular version of the game in terms of both rules and tactics. However, the fundamentals of batting, bowling and fielding are still very important. We play in a six a side competition, once a week all year round. At one stage we actually had three teams going so I was playing three times a week, but with outdoor cricket as well that all got a bit much. Read the rest of this entry » Sportsbet Challenge – Third Weekend

Friday, October 15th, 2010

My Bets
$3000 on Tennis – Shangai Masters - A Murray v Tsonga – Tsonga @$3.60 Betfair
$10000 on Scottish Soccer – Stirling v Dundee – Stirling @2.28 Betfair
$10000 on Melbourne Tigers vs Sydney Kings – Melbourne -4.5pts @$1.78 Betfair
$20000 on India vs Australia 1st ODI – India @ $2.10 on BetFair
$20000 on Man City vs Blackpool – Man City @ $1.62 on BetFair
$20000 on India vs Australia 2nd ODI – India @ $2.10 on BetFair
$20000 on India vs Australia 2nd ODI – Highest Opening Partnership – India @ $1.87 on BetFair

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FIFA 11 – Life Fish FC

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

FIFA 11 was released at the end of September and ever since my copy got delivered I’ve been playing it a heap. It’s weird, I’m not even that into soccer or video games, but for some reason I just love playing the FIFA games. Read the rest of this entry »