Update: Rest into Routine = Success?


Hi kids! Since last I posted things have really swung around for me. The turning point was actually a visit from a few of the LifeFish guys; Newman, RaiderDuck, LacieK and GiveUpMate to be specific. Newman stayed with me the longest and before the others arrived we were both having a brutal run online. When the other three got here there was basically no poker played and that was just amazing for my state of mind. A week of no poker and fun with mates was exactly what the doctor ordered. Originally, a couple of us intended on playing the ANZPT main event at Crown, but that never happened. Instead, we went to the footy pre-limanary finals, played squash, basketball, lasertag, raced go karts, had a couple of rounds of golf (one with friend of LifeFish Sparky), played FIFA and NHL on console and had a really fun night out with a few other poker guys.

Since they left I’ve been in the most amazing routine of getting up early, grinding poker, smashing the gym, relaxing, studying and playing cricket. I’ve become so dedicated to the gym that I’ve changed my diet massively and am tracking my caloric intake and making sure I’m getting a ton of protein as well as taking a bunch of different supplements. It’s paying off in so many ways, I feel great physically, but mentally am in a great place which is allowing me to have my best period of poker in months and months. I’m really excited about doing more of the same in the next few months until the LifeFish meet again in Decemeber.

The cricket season has started and I’ve been filling in as captain the first few weeks, which is a totally new experience. I still have a lot to learn and not sure how long I’m going to get this opportunity, but nice to be thought of for the position. I’m feeling the best I ever have about my bowling as well. In my three outings so far I’ve taken 3, 2 and 3 wickets and kept the runs tight, pleasing to say the least when it was only two years ago I was barely getting a bowl in matches.

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