On The Road Again


The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic and it has been great to be on the road again. Its kinda funny that I feel more comfortable couch hopping and hanging out with people I haven’t seen for ages then I do in my apartment with all the standard luxuries of living in one place.

The day after my birthday I headed across to Canberra to go to what was probably my last ANU SnowSports event ever, the SnowBall, though not before it flooded in Wagga and surrounding regions and my bus was delayed for 14 hours. Luckily I was able to borrow mums car and drive myself and 2 girls from Germany, who I met at the bus station over to Canberra just in time to arrive at SnowBall fashionably late. The ball its self was alot of fun and everyone got super shloose really early and drank the bar dry. The next day we had a recovery BBQ and then somehow ended up drinking untill 5am again without even making it into civic. On the Sunday Jake and I played a few rounds of lawn bowls, which I completely slaughtered him at. We invented a new game of bowls using 2 jacks and then bowling another jack each at the end of the game, super high variance and way more strategy. Being in Canberra for the weekend was so much fun, I really miss everyone there.

Vancouver was pretty boss, every time I go there I instantly feel at home. Ricky (Rask88) and I checked out the aquarium, which I missed when I was last in town. Seeing Beluga Whales for the 1st time ever was pretty awesome. We had a couple of lunches with John (the_main) who along with Rick and I managed to get drugged while we were out drinking one night. (Long story that doesn’t really translate that well to writing). Through those two I managed to get an invite to a home game of a pretty famous Canadian poker player. In the game John won a fair bit and Ricky and I dropped a little, though I managed to run hot in props and come out pretty much even.

For the weekend Ricky and I flew to Seattle to hang out with Betterthanyou1 and Malice. They were awesome hosts, showing us around the sights, organising dinner reservations and tickets to Seahawks vs Cardinals. The dinner we had at Tilth was one of my favorite dining experiences ever. Tilth’s current claim to fame is that it was voted in the top 10 new restaurants in the US and the head chef beat one of the Iron Chefs. We got the tasting menu with wine parings all of which were very well chosen. The standouts for me were the risotto, which I had instead of one of the fish courses and the creme broulee. The wine pairings were amazing and far far bigger glasses than expected so by the end of it we were pretty loose. I would definitely recommend Tilth to anyone who is in or passing through Seattle, the food is first class and good value for money, especially if you don’t lose credit card roulette, thanks Rick :P

After dinner the guys hosted a bit of a party/pregame before we went out to their local pub Red Door. Rick and I pretty much got our asses handed to us in beer pong all night, even getting beaten by two girls. Luckily directly after that Malice and Betterthanyou1 lost to them as well so our embarrassment was short lived. The night was alot of fun and everyone was pretty fucked up. I don’t remember a good portion of the night and struggled pretty hard the next day going around the sights of Seattle including the Space Needle and Pike Place.

On Sunday we woke up far far too early to go down to the Pyramid bar near the Stadium to get our drink on before the game. Slamming through jugs of beer while eating breakfast on almost no sleep is something I haven’t done in a while. The atmosphere in the Stadium was electrifying and I couldn’t believe how loud it was.  Seahawks ended up winning pretty convincingly but the first three quarters were pretty exciting. Thanks heaps again to Malice and BTY1 for being great hosts.


Ah, so I’m not really sure how this happened but somehow in the last year and a half I haven’t thought to use Scarlett Johansson in this section. So heres making up for lost time.

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