Full Tilt Poker Tournament Guide


Full Tilt Poker Tournament Guide

The tournament action at Full Tilt Poker is picking back up again. Full Tilt has already introduced a new poker tournament series and they have a full schedule of multi-table tournaments running every week with huge guaranteed prize pools up for grabs. There is a new guaranteed prize pool tournament starting every ten minutes at Full Tilt Poker. With $1000’s in prize money to be won daily Full Tilt is quickly becoming one of the best poker sites for tournament players. Let’s take a look at the biggest MTT’s.

Full Tilt Poker Big Money Sundays

Sundays are the biggest days for tournament action at Full Tilt Poker (see schedule). There is over $1 million in guaranteed prize pool tourneys every Sunday at Full Tilt Poker. The 3 biggest Big Money Sunday events are the $350K GTD, Sunday Brawl and Sunday Mulligan.

• $350K Guarantee – Every Sunday starting at 13:30 ET the $350K GTD is the biggest weekly tournament at Full Tilt and the buy-in is $200 + $15. You can qualify into the $350K GTD each week through the satellite challenge.

• Sunday Brawl – The Sunday Brawl starts at 10:30 ET every Sunday morning. The prize pool has a $200K guarantee and the buy-in is $240 + $15. $40 from the buy-in for each player is a bounty that you win for knocking them out.

• Sunday Mulligan – If you don’t make a deep run in the $350K GTD or Sunday Brawl you still have a chance to cash big in the $75K Guaranteed Sunday Mulligan. The tournament starts at 16:00 ET and has a buy-in of $200 + $16.

1-UP Multi-Entry Tournaments

Each day Full Tilt runs a $5.50 1-UP tournament at 13:20 ET with a $4000 GTD prize pool. Players can buy up to 4 entries into the event and there are ways to win up to four bonus tournament tickets as well as $5000 cash based on your performance. To win the $5K bonus your four entries need to merge, but you can also win $T250 if three entries merge or $T50 if two entries merge. To win bonus tournament tickets in the 1-UP series you have to cash 2-4 entries in the tournament.

The Doubles at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt hosts three “Doubles” events everyday, which includes the Early Double, Daily Double and Big Double. Not only can you win cash in these tournaments like normal events at Full Tilt, but you can also win a share of a progressive jackpot.

• Early Double – $5 + $1 NL Holdem (Tournaments start at 11:20 ET & 11:22 ET)

• Daily Double – $10 + $2 NL Holdem (Tournaments start at 15:20 ET & 15:22 ET)

• Big Double – $21 + $5 NL Holdem (Tournaments start at 17:20 ET & 17:22 ET)

According to PlaySolidPoker.com, you must make sure you buy-in to both tournaments or else you won’t have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. To win a share of the jackpot you need to cash in both events (3%), have highest average finish (2%), make both final tables (20%) or win both (75%). Visit their site today for more valuable Full Tilt tournament deals. Full Tilt also just started a new annual series called the Micro Turbo Online Poker Series (MTOPS). Full Tilt has been doing a good job of ensuring that there are big guarantees available to micro/low limit players rather than just high limit players. There is still high limit tournament action to be found at Full Tilt Poker, but the playing fields are small. The biggest tournament is a $1000 high-roller event on Saturdays at 12:00 ET, but due to limited players the guaranteed prize pool is only $100K.

2012 Reflection and 2013 Goals


Posted this a couple other places, figured I’d post it here too. I’m going to have I think a series of blogs basically outlining what I’ve been up to the last ~3 years with poker and life since my last blog post coming after this, so stay posted.


Despite my negative thoughts about new year’s resolutions, it can be a pretty good time to just use as a benchmark to reflect on the last year and think about goals to improve your life in the next year. I do one of these every year for poker but the past few years been making it more about life in general, so I’m posting this on fb as well. Due to some technical issues I lost my 2012 goals so instead of evaluating 2012 based on those goals I just ended up writing a general reflection.



2012 was a pretty disappointing year for me poker-wise. I was in school or working full-time pretty much the entire year and the poker I did play I ran kinda bad but I also let my game suffer a bit. Near the end of the year I started being a bit more dedicated towards improving and am feeling really good about my game now. But in terms of building my bankroll that kind of didn’t happen much. I managed to basically tread water/cover my expenses for the year (mostly from live and buying FTP), which I guess isn’t terrible, but I kinda hoped I’d be in a better financial position than I am right now. I was hoping to be playing 10/20nl regularly on my own dime and taking 25/50nl shots but alas I’m still on the border of 5/10nl reg battles being a bit high.


That said poker was not my #1 focus this year, and I think the rest of my life is going pretty well. I’ve been really enjoying playing ultimate frisbee and despite the fact that I doubt the average person in the public sees it this way, it’s definitely a legitimate sport and we treat it as such. That means as a team we do a solid amount of conditioning/lifting and I’m probably not too far off from being in the best shape of my life. I probably was in better shape when I played college baseball but I’ll still be doing work this winter/spring to continue to get faster and stronger. It’s also helped me make a good amount of friends, we have frisbee parties, etc. and it also helps me satisfy my competitive side. So all in all that’s been a huge plus to my life.


In terms of classes/grades I’m getting a 3.6 now probably could have better if I wanted to but I’m not convinced it’s worth it. I do enough to learn shit, I do all my work, I don’t go to a ton of classes unless I need to, but like I said I do enough to know the subject and generally I’m smart enough to figure shit out as long as the tests aren’t too much memorization. Ended up having to drop a history class because I’d gotten a 47% on the first test that was like 25% of our grade and I was about to fail the 2nd one. But all in all I was happy enough with my schoolwork, I probably could have started some projects a bit earlier, but I always got them done in the end. Next year is just going to be a bit tougher, so I’m going to have to be more efficient in managing my time.


Wastes of time: this is one thing I was kind of disappointed with. After dropping that one class, I was taking 10.5 credits last semester. PE was half the semester so the second half of the semester I was taking only 3 classes. Now although they were semi-tough classes, that’s still not a lot, and my load the rest of the way is going to be tougher classes as well. The problem is I spent way too much time doing nothing. I’m not even talking about watching tv shows or stuff like that. I’m talking about literally sitting in front of my computer and checking 2p2, fb, chatting about random nonsense in skype groups, and just generally doing absolutely nothing productive for hours at a time. If it’s just checking fb and 2p2 quick, look at my skype convos to make sure nothing important, check email, etc. that’s fine. But that takes 5 minutes max. A lot of the time I would literally just do nothing but cycle through various web sites just waiting for new things to be posted for hours at a time. My time is more valuable than that, and I need to treat it as such. I don’t think boredom was ever a problem in 2012, it’s not like I didn’t have better things to be doing. I would just be in a position where I couldn’t decide which of several things to do that I needed to get done, so instead of just picking one and doing it I’d do none of them. That needs to stop this year.



2013 Goals:


[ ] Play 500k hands of online poker – this should not be hard, but this is the one I will be least upset with not upholding. I’m going to have a decent amount of schoolwork in 2013 and with frisbee practices and tournaments this might be a hard one to achieve. That said I’ll have the summer to grind hardcore most likely, and 500k hands really is not a lot and should be easily doable


[ ] Play 500 hours of live poker – another one that if I don’t complete it won’t be the end of the world. But this is less than an average of 10 hours/week which is easy to complete in just one session on a weekend. Also if I don’t do an internship this summer I’ll likely be spending the summer in vegas which should make this super easy to complete. Although live poker can be incredibly boring, it’s a place where I can literally not even think and make a really solid hourly. I think 2/5 runs pretty much around the clock at Charlestown and 5/10 runs pretty much every night and around the clock on the weekends. I think $75/hr is easily attainable there at relatively low variance, especially if I’m playing mostly weekend sessions, so I just need to put in the time.


[ ] Stay in shape/get stronger – this one is mostly going to be for the winter. I remember last winter I didn’t really work out or run or anything (I did ski but that’s not really enough) and I felt it when we came back to school and frisbee practices resumed. I’ve been sick the last week and a half but this is where the resting stops. I did indoor tonight and that’s always a good workout, but now I’m going to try to do at least a bit of running (including sprints not just half-assed jogs) at the very least every other day for the rest of the winter. If I can get lifts in I’ll do that too but I’m not sure I’ll have access to a weight room for most of the winter. I’ll be in Mexico for the next 2 weeks but I intend to stay in shape even if that means just morning runs on the beach to get over a hangover. Then when school starts I just need to at least do all the workouts the team does and depending on how I feel/how hardcore the frisbee workouts are I might do some stuff on the side. Then especially if I do vegas this summer, I really need to make sure to stay in shape over the summer. I kinda wish I had some way to quantify this goal but I’m usually pretty good at being honest with myself.


[ ] 100% B’s and A’s, graduate with computer science major and math minor after the fall 2013 semester – I won’t be upset if I get a C and I actually gave it my all and it was just really hard for me, I just know generally that a C (or worse) means I either didn’t complete all my work in time or that I didn’t learn a lot of what I needed to learn. I did this fine in 2012, I’m typically pretty good at figuring stuff out or going to office hours/asking friends for help if I still can’t get it, so I’m not super worried. It’s just definitely a goal of mine for the year so putting it down.


[ ] Be more efficient – I feel like this will go hand in hand for getting my first 2 goals done. I don’t mind doing stuff that doesn’t go towards any of my year goals. I have no problem deciding I just want to lay down and watch an episode of South Park. I don’t have a problem wasting an entire night away drinking and playing sc2. My issue is when I’m literally doing nothing and I let that take hours away from me. Those hours add up and I need to cut those out of my life in 2013. I’m also going to include as part of this goal completing projects/homeworks on time. I ended up turning in incomplete and/or late homeworks and projects a bit this last semester and there was absolutely no reason for it. I got a bit better towards the end of the semester, and it ended up not costing me anything grade-wise, but there’s just no excuse for it at all. There’s nothing wrong with starting a project a week before it’s due and finishing it 6 days before it’s due. I also need to make and keep a todo list or calendar of some type which includes both school-work and non-school errands.


[ ] Have fun/live life – I was careful not to group this in with time-wasting in the last goal. Going to a party is not a waste of my time. Randomly talking to friends in the common room is not a waste of time. Bomberman is not a waste of time. Even talking to people online is not a waste of time. Obviously if I’m doing too much of this and it’s getting in the way of my other goals I’ll need to re-evaluate, but in general I just need to remember that time needs to be made for just hanging out/drinking/doing dumb shit with friends sometimes.


[ ] improve my poker game – I can’t control how good I run and since I’m not planning on playing too much volume this year it’s very possible I could run bad and not make much money. But the thing I can control is continuing to improve my game. I need to make sure I’m constantly discussing hands with others and playing my A game as much as possible. I need to challenge myself and put myself in tough spots. I need to be reviewing my own game as well as the games of my opponents. I need to be constantly thinking of areas of my game that need work and how to fix those mistakes. I need to actively be marking hands while I’m playing not just to check if I’m playing them well but if a thought pops into my head about the spot in general (maybe it’s an imbalance I’ve spotted in someone else’s game that I need to start exploiting with a different range, maybe there’s an imbalance in mine and I need to check if people are exploiting it or not). I feel like this is one of the things I’ve done well historically and I just need to make sure I’m continuing to do this and not letting the game pass me by.


I don’t think there’s anything that will be too hard to accomplish on this list and hopefully I can have a good 2013 and not be disappointed with myself when I evaluate this and make 2014 goals :)

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Fifteen Minutes To The Zone


I’ve been reading a few productivity books lately and have become inspired to use my time more efficiently as I have become a bit wayward in it’s management in recent times. Something that I read about and mulled over how it applied to poker is the notion that it takes 15 minutes of total focus on something until you are in ‘the short zone’. The definition of  ’the short zone’ is an uninterrupted state of productivity if you will. It’s characterised by state where you’re totally absorbed by what you are doing and everything just flows, so much so that you fail to accurately realise the passage of time.

I would say that being in ‘the poker short zone’ comprises of enjoying yourself, not worrying about you’re running, total focus on in game decisions, game selection, marking hands and tagging players to a point where you’re not bored, not distracted and are actually disappointed when you suddenly realise you’ve been playing for 3 hours and have to get to quit because you have another engagement.

So how do we make sure we are in ‘the zone’ more often? I’ve come up with a few suggestions that I’m going to be trying for myself over the coming weeks…

  • Playing at the most productive times: When are the games best? What time of day does my brain function best?
    • Since Black Friday this has been a difficult one for me, it used to be that the best time to play was the best time for my brain, but it is no longer the case. I’m going to be experimenting with different session times and lengths.
  • Set a 15 minute timer at the start of your session where you must actively be reminding yourself to stay focussed on every little detail like new games that are starting, getting reads, every single street of every small pot etc.
  • Shut your door (and put up a DND sign), turn off music, put your phone in a drawer, close IM client, browsers, email etc. – No distractions for the first 15 minutes and it becomes impossible for you not to focus on the task at hand with all your energy.
  • Listen to music after the first 15 minutes or if you’re in a loud environment. If you have a shared workspace or house mates, put your headphones on and drown out what is going on around you and also make yourself less approachable and likely to get distracted by a conversation. Listening to music generally should aid in making the passage of time feel a lot quicker.
    • I’m actually going to be experimenting with different types of ambient noises as well. I’ve heard that pink noise can be quite useful and calming.

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Reducing my electronic footprint.


I really enjoy social networking, but I am getting more concerned about how much information, about all of us, is accessible online.  Read a few articles recently that didn’t necessarily make me paranoid but at least prodded me to make a few changes.

In the past, I’ve had accounts with MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, Klout, Blogger (Blogspot), Twitter, and the list goes on.  In terms of those social networking/blogging sites, I’ve went through just eliminated most of them, only keeping Facebook and Twitter.  I even spent way too much time going through literally every single option in ever section of Facebook’s account settings and privacy settings, fully customizing how I don’t share pretty much anything with non-friends, entities I “Like,” and so on.  (I’ll come back with more on Facebook momentarily.)  As for Twitter (@KnoxItAll), for right now, I’m still going to leave my tweets public, although it’s possible I may protect them at some point.

As far as the zillions of other sites that have public profiles with some of my information (Pandora, 2+2, here at CR, Spotify, etc., etc.), I’ll just have to delete that stuff over time.  I’m not going to spend what seems to be an infinite amount of time trying to figure out every single site in which I have an account; it’s just too daunting for me.  And let’s be realistic, reducing your electronic footprint doesn’t mean eliminating it.  I’m sure that’s close to impossible.

One of the challenges I was faced with in doing all this is how to continue blogging while still having the option of limiting my audience at any time if I so choose.  I believe I found a pretty solid option to achieve this, and I found it while going through all those Facebook settings.  I’ve turned on my subsriber allowance on Facebook, which allows non-friends to view my public posts and have them appear on their Facebook news feed.  I’ll write my blogs in the notes section of Facebook, and they’ll be available to anyone who cares to read, subscribe, or whatever.  At any time, I can change the audience for any of those blogs to just my friends, to a customizable select group of people, or to no one.  So after this entry, you can find my blog here: https://facebook.com/xonkessej/notes.  (Two things…  1. If you don’t see anything there now, it’s only because I’ve yet to write a blog.  They’ll be there once I do.  2. I’ll continue to post the direct links here at CR & at LifeFish.)

Hopefully, all of these changes can slowly eliminate my overly public presence online at least somewhat. If you don’t want to come all the way to CR to see if there’s a new blog, just subscribe on Facebook at the link above.  Either way works.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!  It’s looking kind of stormy here in Kansas City, which I love, so I’m about to relax and get my study on.  Run good, peeps. Cheers.